AAC Lightweight Blocks Supplier In India – Its Significant Uses And Advantages

Posted by Admin on February, 03, 2024

If you want to build a house while being environmentally aware, lightweight AAC blocks are the way to go. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is a proficient green building material that is lightweight, load-bearing, high-insulating, tough, and three times lighter than red bricks.

These blocks supplied by the AAC Lightweight Blocks Supplier in India is a low-maintenance precast building material with outstanding thermal insulation and durability. The heat-insulating properties of AAC blocks keep the building cooler and prevent outside heat from entering, resulting in substantial savings on air conditioning costs. Lightweight AAC blocks also guarantee savings in foundation load, structural steel consumption, and cement consumption.

Types of AAC Blocks

Fire Resistant AAC Blocks

200 Mm AAC Block

100 mm AAC Block

Long-lasting AAC Block

Rectangular Fly Ash Aac Blocks

Advantages of using the AAC Lightweight Blocks

Easy & Faster Workability:

AAC lightweight blocks are about half the weight and ten times the proportions of traditional bricks. This one-of-a-kind property allows for simple installation and delivers the desired flexibility, making changes, cutting, shaping, and so on a breeze. AAC blocks have fewer joints and reliable dimensions, making them easier to lay and the construction process faster. Finally, lightweight blocks are easy to transport, which helps to reduce overall logistics and shipping costs when likened to traditional brick transportation costs.

- Disaster Resistant:

Self-weight and gravity are habitually the two vertical forces that a building is designed to grip. Earthquakes, for instance, cause horizontal forces. As a result of the manufacturing procedure, AAC blocks become very strong, resulting in a tough finished structure. In comparison to conventional bricks, AAC bricks can manage a higher seismic burden.

- Thermal insulation and energy preservation:

By foaming the concrete with hydrogen, the material delivers outstanding heat insulation, letting temperatures be warm in winter and cool in summer. Thus, it can decrease your air-conditioning costs by about 25%. Because of their energy-efficient manufacture, AAC blocks are energy-efficient throughout their lifespans.

- Soundproof:

Because AAC blocks are lightweight and absorbent, they decrease sound expressively. It is for these reasons that AAC blocks are extensively used in the construction of studios, hospitals, hotels, etc.

- Sustainable and Pocket-Friendly:

AAC blocks are created with the least amount of waste using natural, non-toxic raw materials. Some of the waste or offcuts twisted can be recycled or used to make totals. Its use of non-biodegradable materials makes the building more tough and firm, preventing rot and mould. Also, because AAC blocks are lightweight, energy-efficient, and simple to install, they decrease labour costs.

- Fire Resistance:

Reasonably to other building materials, AAC blocks are noncombustible and offer fire resistance of up to six hours, reliant on their thickness and up to 1,200 degrees Celsius. So, it has also substantial fire safety implications.

- Moisture Proof:

Moisture can cause substantial structural damage. The macro-pores within AAC blocks ensure low water consumption. As a result, they offer improved moisture protection.

Qualities of the AAC Lightweight Blocks Supplier in India

• Vast distribution network across the country

• Spacious warehouse

• Extensive range of quality approved equipment

• Well-structured infrastructure

• Reasonable price range

• Convenient business policy

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